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Creating a Relaxing Oasis: Enhancing Your Community Pool for Comfort and Fun

Updated: Jun 5

A community pool has the potential to be more than just a place to swim. By introducing thoughtful amenities, you can transform your community pool into a relaxing oasis that promotes health, inclusion, socialization, and more. When you add amenities for comfort and fun, you create a place where individuals, families, and friends can come to enjoy themselves in a relaxing, shared environment.

As homeowners’ associations (HOAs) seek to increase and enhance their amenities to address the evolving needs of residents, the swimming pool area has become an important focal point. Improving and upgrading common pool areas makes the space more functional and enjoyable for residents and boosts the community’s overall appeal.

Whether you’re looking to modernize your community’s pool area or you're working on a new pool project, the following ideas can help transform the pool area into an attractive and relaxing oasis for residents.


1. Shade Structures & Comfortable Seating

Add structures such as pergolas, umbrellas, or cabanas to the pool area to provide shade for residents. These structures offer shade and relief during the hottest months while members of the community lounge by the pool. Choose larger, commercial-grade market umbrellas to place between lounge chairs.

You can also add umbrellas with a cantilever feature, which allows them to bend and cast shade without blocking the walkways. This option enables residents to create a shady spot in the pool during the heat of summer.

Consider also upgrading poolside furniture to provide modern, comfortable chaise lounges. Choose high-quality furniture and cushions made from materials that hold up to the elements and are easy to keep clean and in good repair.

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Embrace Nature’s Canopy

What better way to provide natural shade than by harnessing the power of trees? Strategically planting shady trees around a community pool not only offers a welcome respite from the hot sun but also enhances the aesthetic appeal of the entire pool area. Evergreen species with broad, dense canopies provide ample shade without obstructing airflow, impeding visibility, or dropping too many leaves. Trees also contribute to better air quality, biodiversity, and a more sustainable environment, making them a win-win addition to any poolside landscape.


2. Fun Elements: Water Features

Incorporating water features into the design of your swimming pool is an excellent way to

elevate its visual appeal and create an immersive, luxurious outdoor environment. The sight and sound of moving water evoke a sense of serenity, offering a captivating escape from the daily grind. Water features come in an array of options, from dramatic waterfalls to gently bubbling fountains, allowing you to further personalize your pool and create an oasis tailored to your unique tastes and preferences.

One of the best water feature is a Splash pads. With colorful sprays and deck jets that artistically spout water are not only engaging but also add to the aesthetic appeal of a pool. Their design can range from fun and playful to sleek and modern and can be integrated within the pool area to cater to the preferences of the community. Suave Pools can help you plan your splash pad at your facility.

Benefits of Having a Splash Pad:

  • Splash pads offer a safe and controlled environment for water play. Unlike pools or beaches, there is no risk of drowning, making splash pads suitable for children of all ages and swimming abilities.

  • Splash pads are designed to be inclusive and accessible for everyone, including individuals with disabilities. With features such as wheelchair-friendly surfaces and sensory elements, splash pads ensure that everyone can join in the fun.

  • Splash pads encourage physical activity and active play. Running, jumping, and maneuvering through the sprinkler features provide a fun way for kids to stay active and burn off energy.

  • Splash pads often become popular community gathering places, bringing people together and fostering a sense of community. They provide a space for families to socialize, children to make friends, and communities to connect.

  • Compared to pools, splash pads require less maintenance and have lower operational costs. They don’t require lifeguards, and the water is typically recycled, reducing water consumption and the need for constant refilling.

  • By understanding the benefits of having a splash pad, you’ll be able to highlight these advantages when promoting and advocating for your newly designed splash pad.


3. Elevating the Senses: Fire and Water Bowl Combinations

Setting the trend in the realm of public pools are innovative pool designs that use captivating combined elements of fire and water. Creating what we like to call a three-dimensional oasis, with a tranquil pool atmosphere and warm, inviting open flames, the fire and water bowl features are truly a sensation. This not only adds an aesthetic appeal but effectively elevates the sensorial experience of the visitors.

Adding fire features combining the element of fire with water can enhance the ambiance of

your community pool area. Consider strategically placing fire pits, torches or fire bowls around the pool for warmth and beautiful illumination at night. Add simple grill tops to the firepits for cooking s’mores and hotdogs to encourage residents to kick back around the fire on balmy evenings.

The fire and water bowl arrangement is highly customizable based on the space and the theme of the pool area. The key lies in the strategic positioning of the bowls so that the playful dance of flames on the surface of the water can have a dramatic impact on the overall ambiance. The primary goals of these fire and water features are to introduce warmth, light, and movement into the otherwise cool, static, and frequently under-lit pool areas. This juxtaposition of contrasting elements adds a unique flair to the pools, thus transforming standard pools into dynamic recreational spaces.


4. Harmonizing Pool Design

Design integration is intrinsically connected to the overall ambiance of a public pool. To create a captivating and harmonious swimming environment, we focus on the infusion of well-chosen water features and architectural elements. All aspects of the design are carefully selected and placed, ensuring a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal, relaxation, and functionality.

Choosing Tile, Deck, and Pool Finish:

The choice of tiles, decking, and pool finishes significantly impacts your pool area's look and feel. Opt for high-quality, durable materials that withstand the elements and heavy use while

enhancing aesthetics. Slip-resistant and easy-to-clean porcelain, ceramic, or glass tiles add luxury and artistic flair with mosaic designs. For decking, composite wood mimics natural wood with less maintenance, while stone pavers like travertine or slate offer timeless elegance and slip resistance. Decorative concrete finishes, such as stamped or stained concrete, can be customized to complement your pool's design. Even though porcelain tiles and composite wood decking are visually appealing, for long-lasting durability, blue quartz aggregate is the best choice.

At Suave Pools, we offer two popular pool finishes: White Plaster, a traditional, cost-effective option providing a smooth, classic look but requiring more maintenance due to staining and degradation, and Blue Quartz Aggregate, a durable, visually striking finish incorporating small quartz crystals for improved traction and reduced slip risks. Our comprehensive

renovation services include pool resurfacing, tile and deck installation, custom water features, and shade structures and furniture, ensuring your pool reflects your style and provides long-lasting enjoyment. Contact Suave Pools today to plan your pool area enhancements and make your community pool a social, relaxing, and memorable gathering place.



These trends and ideas can form the basis for your HOA’s project to upgrade the pool area. With careful planning, resident input, and professional execution, attractive upgrades will be completed quickly. By staying tuned in to the latest trends and responding to your community’s needs and desires, you can make the best choice and invest in the most desired upgrades for your community’s pool area.


Your pool should be more than just a place to swim; it should reflect your style and be a source of enjoyment for years to come. Hiring the right pool service company ensures that your pool upgrades, such as deck resurfacing, are completed with high-quality results. Make your community’s pool the place where residents meet up to socialize, relax, and create fond memories. At Suave Pools, we specialize in providing high-quality pool renovation services tailored to meet the unique needs and preferences. Contact Suave Pools today to plan your pool area upgrades.



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