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3 Reasons Why Quartz Finish Is For Your Pool

Quartz Finish?

Are you planning to upgrade your pool this year? If you’re looking for a boost in color, longevity, and durability throughout your pool interior, quartz is an option to consider. Suave Pools offer an aesthetic quartz finish. Avoid your traditional pool plasters and decide on a more efficient color-alternative finish. Many customers have been satisfied with the results of their quartz finish pool, and if you have been comfortable with your typical smooth plaster type, no worries, the quartz finish offers the same soft look that all swimmers love and enjoy!


What is Quartz Finish?

"Quartz is tougher than steel!”

Quartz delivers a subtle, beautiful look yet has a long-lasting lifespan with ease of maintenance. When deciding between quartz and other interior finishes, note that they all have a similar process but different outcomes. Quartz consists of round, colored ceramic aggregate mixed with white concrete for a much tougher and beautiful finish. Quartz falls higher on the Mohs scale than the standard marcite white plaster. The Moh Mineral Hardness Scale is a qualitative scale that measures the hardness of different natural minerals. The diagram below displays the strength of quartz compared to white plaster.

That’s right; quartz is stronger than steel! This mineral hardness makes it hard to chip, scratch, and etch along the interior surface. Due to the mineral hardness of quartz, this gives the product a 10 to 15-year life span and also more resistant to chemicals, which makes maintenance an ease. Quartz has functionality and durability, yet it does not lack style; there are several colors to choose from for any color you could imagine.


1. Longevity

“With an even, smooth, consistent blend, the life span of the product ranges from 10 to 15 years, depending on the maintenance.”

A pool’s interior is only as good as its applicator mixing techniques. Quartz is an outstanding product, but be cautious with the applicator you select. Some applicators will add too much or too little of the cement and quartz mixture to reduce material cost, which results in an inconsistent blend of concrete and aggregate quartz; the finished results are less than appealing. To avoid this, Suave Pools is an authorized applicator of one the longest quartz material suppliers in the market, Diamond-Brite. Diamond - Brite finish is a premixed blend with portland cement and select aggregate quartz. The product is factory blended to provide the owner with a durable yet attractive finished product. Since the blend is premixed, we can apply a consistent and even finish throughout the entire surface. Diamond-Brite has several options of color choices for your choosing.

With an even, smooth, consistent blend, the life span of the product ranges from 10 to 15 years, depending on the maintenance. Yes, quartz is very durable and easier to maintain than others. However, the finish still needs to be maintained no different than any other interior finish with proper chemical levels and service visits.


2. Durability

“With quartz being small aggregate throughout the surface, chemical and organic matter staining are less likely to exist. “

Quartz delivers a durable and robust finish. The quartz mixture is molded with tiny three-dimensional pieces into the aggregates that make quartz strongly resistible to staining and also easier to maintain. Stains in your pool could be not only an eyesore but also a hassle to remove; stains are one of the most common issues when it comes to pool plaster . Stains are developed when different types of material colors seep into the pores of the interior finish. Marcite, also known as white plaster, stains tend to arise more often since the pores are larger and more susceptible to staining with poor pool maintenance and environmental conditions such as leaves, pine straw, and any other organic matter. However, with quartz being having aggregate throughout the surface, chemical and organic matter staining are less likely to exist.


3. Improved Look

Whether you are in the market to remodel your backyard pool or your HOA community pool, the overall improved look of the quartz finished pool is pristine! The quartz blend delivers a rich and divine finish that gives a multidimensional look rather than your typical white plaster finish. Quartz has an extensive catalog of colors, ranging from the classic select Blue Quartz to Super Blue, which has gained popularity in facilities in recent years. The small quartz pieces give the pool water a “crystal twinkle” as the sunlight hits the water.

Final Thoughts

Quartz finish is a great consideration for any of your remodeling needs. The finish is durable, long-lasting, and has a magnificent look. If you are in the market to renovate your pool with the quartz finish contact Suave Pools, we make sure every project brings customer satisfaction with fair pricing. Get your free quote now.


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